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Re: Been lurking a while so here's a hello

Postby Bailorgana3 » Mon May 09, 2016 9:48 am

onesnzeros wrote:exciting, i'm interested in this glycol cooling unit.
I think it's time i design my own fermenter really.

You should man! It really isn't that tricky!

if you were going to something already fabricated though, and wanted a new chiller, all it is is a big stainless steel wort chiller that you pump glycol through and it ends up working like a big refrigerator. Simply recirculate glycol or even cold water through the coil with an aquarium pump inside of a refrigerator. you can use your existing can or bottle fridge for this just drill some holes in the side of it.

Once you fill the lines with glycol water you really don't need a very large Reservoir because most of the liquid is in the system you don't need to worry about having a giant tub of fluid. The only disadvantage to using water as you have to worry about freezing it which in my setup is a big deal because my refrigerator likes to randomly get super cold and Fries think that's why I have to use the temperature controller in a little bit denser fluid like glycol
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